two roofers work on replacing a roof

Preventive maintenance of roofs is a highly recommended action. Therefore, completely replacing a roof is a great option to avoid risks against leaks and infiltrations. To this end, we, riverside roofing pros, have separated the main steps of this process.

Hire a specialized team

Hiring a specialized team is essential to renew your roof. Therefore, make sure that your supplier has registration for all employees and look for indications of other work done by the team.

Hire an engineer

Before starting the reform of your roof, try to get in touch with a reliable engineer. This will allow a complete analysis of the current situation of your roof, as well as a schedule for the whole project.

Change the tiles

After hiring an engineer, check the possibility of changing the tiles on your roof for other materials that are more profitable and effective for your property. This way you will have more options on how to save money in the construction work, since there are lighter tile models that require fewer professionals to carry out the renovation.

Change the gutters

One of the biggest mistakes made in roofing reforms is to avoid replacing the gutters when replacing a roof. The gutters and the flashings are essential for the roof to work. Therefore, they must be well sized, allowing all the captured water to be directed to rainwater networks or to be used for water recycling.

What are the steps in the process of building a roof?

replacing a roof

Understanding the main steps of a roof construction is the surest way to avoid problems with delays, unnecessary expenses or poor quality service.

Hire good professionals

Relying on a team of qualified professionals is the best way to carry out quality work or renovation on your property. Having a labor force that knows all the necessary steps for this type of work is very important when replacing a roof.

This way, you will have a greater guarantee that the service will be well done, avoiding delays and waste of materials. In addition, you will be sure that the professionals respect the stipulated deadlines, reducing costs with the extension of the work.

Choose the necessary wood

Now that you have found a team of professionals you can trust to carry out your work, it is time to choose the wood that will make up the structure of your roof. Here, it is very important that you look for a suitable material that is able to adapt to your house.

A good example of this is garapeira wood, which in addition to its great density, ensures greater protection against insect attacks. In addition, you can also opt for eucalyptus, which, besides being very economical, also provides greater coziness to your home.

Count on quality tiles

The type of tile material will determine several factors in your renovation. Therefore, this stage is very important for all your work. Always count on a resistant and durable product, as this will reduce expenses with replacing a roof and maintenance.

The quality of this product is indispensable for your roofing, as it guarantees the efficiency of the tiles in protecting the internal environments against bad weather, infiltrations and leaks. If your project values the concept of sustainability, you can count on ecological and translucent models.

How to identify roof tile problems?

roof tiles decay riverside

Identifying problems with roof tiles is very easy, as they start to present leaks, stains on the slab, infiltrations and peeling paint, for example. Fiber-cement, concrete and ceramic models are prone to failures due to their composition, besides being less resistant to mechanical shocks and absorbing more humidity.

Another common problem in roofing is the failure of the waterproofing system. It turns out that traditional systems have an expiration date and, over the years, are subject to failure.

How to identify problems in gutters and flashings?

Generally, gutters present some problems after long periods of drought. The accumulation of dirt ends up clogging the downpipes and, for this reason, periodic maintenance is recommended. This is because anything that prevents water from draining can generate an excessive accumulation in some places not designed for this purpose.

The problems with the ruffs can be easily identified with the appearance of infiltrations, especially when there are no broken or cracked roof tiles. Therefore, it is possible to suspect that water is infiltrating laterally because of defective ruffs.

What to do when the problem is in the shingles?

If you identify a problem with your shingles, it is necessary to have a careful evaluation by a trusted professional, since it is possible to replace the defective pieces. If your property has metal tiles, problems can occur in the fixations, allowing water to pass through and causing leaks in the internal environments.

Since roof tiles and waterproofing systems have a limited life span, even with periodic maintenance, it may eventually be necessary to carry out work to ensure the integrity of the property.

There is a very effective and practical solution for roofing reforms, which is waterproofing with a silicone base. This makes it possible to redo the system without the need to remove the old coatings.

That’s it! With this you have the necessary information to carry out construction or replacing of a roof, ensuring the success of your work. That is why we reinforce the importance of relying on reliable professionals and dealers. Thus, it is possible to count on quality materials and contemplate your property with more comfort and safety.

Which aspects interfere in the price of a roof?

When doing a roof reform, it is important to consider several aspects that can directly interfere in the final price of your work.


The quality and quantity of the materials is a point that ends up weighing during a roof reform. For this reason, it is important to do a lot of research in the market to always guarantee a reliable product, making it possible to protect your property and avoid problems with leaks and infiltrations.


Relying on unqualified labor can mean unnecessary expenses with delays and excessive spending on materials. Therefore, it is essential to count on specialized professionals, mainly as a way to ensure that the service will be well done.

Structural problems

When planning a reform in your roof, it is essential to check the current conditions in its structure. This is important, because if there are structural problems, it will be necessary to carry out adequate repairs that will make it possible to install new tiles on your roof, which, consequently, will involve new expenses in your work.