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The Danger of Water Infiltration on Your Roof

In addition to the traditional consequences roof leak causes a series of problems not only structural, but also aesthetic and health problems. When not well treated, they can develop mold, oxidation of the roof, rotting of the slab and roof, and generate high costs with repairs and maintenance.

In addition, intense leaks can pave the way for termite infestations, since damp and dark environments are perfect for the reproduction of these insects. As a consequence, in the long term the structure of your home is compromised and it will be necessary to invest in roof and wall maintenance, as well as furniture replacement.

Therefore, knowing what the problems caused by roof leak ensures a certain motivation for residents to invest in efficient attitudes that prevent them from arising, do you agree? Below, we list other challenges that you may encounter if this setback strikes your home:

  • paint damage, associated with deterioration of the coatings;
  • detachment of plaster moldings
  • short circuits in the electrical system
  • puddles of water under the sinks;
  • cracks and fissures in the walls
  • stubborn stains on the ceiling;
  • deterioration of furniture, especially when there are large roof leaks;
  • appearance of fungus in the environment, favoring the development of respiratory problems such as asthma, rhinitis and bronchitis;
  • increased water and electricity bills.

Find out what to do in case of Roof Leak

With all these challenges in mind, there is always that question of what to do to ensure that your roof has a long and healthy life, isn’t there? Well, there are several ways to ensure that moisture and leaks end up in your home.

The first step is to understand the structure of your roof. After all, there are four basic layers that make up your construction: slab, waterproofing, timbering, and shingles. In addition, for those who want reinforcement against a roof leak, it is possible to apply the waterproofing blanket before the tiles.

This small attitude guarantees a much more effective resolution, since you will be able to quickly identify the source of the problem. With this done, it is time to identify the cause of the leak, as we explain below:

  • To check for waterproofing problems: just cover the gutter outlets and fill them with water. If there are any leaks, the waterproofing was not done properly;
  • To check for problems in the roof tiles: look for cracks, breaks and fissures, since these three aspects facilitate the entry of water into the roof. To do this, stand between the woodwork and the slab so as not to damage them;
  • To verify problems in the timbering: the ideal is to analyze if there are bends and in the roof or if it is warped. Thus, it will be necessary to invest in structural adjustments.

So, have you identified what the problem is in your house? Now, the next step is to invest in intelligent solutions that solve these difficulties. In the next topics, we explain the best coping strategies that you should follow for each of the setbacks presented.

Waterproofing problems

In case your setback is small, investing in blankets is the best alternative. This is because it reinforces your waterproofing and can contain the entry of water with ease. In addition, it is always a good idea to check the quality of the tiles and, if necessary, change them.

On the other hand, if the situation is serious, the best thing to do is to completely change the roof, applying a new waterproofing material between the slab and the wood and investing in roof tiles that are resistant to the effects of sun, wind and rain. Generally speaking, this is the most effective course of action, but at a high cost.

Problems with the roof tiles

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As you might imagine, this case is quite simple and presents a quick and cost-effective solution: replacing the shingles. In cases where your roof has few cracked or broken items, you can simply replace the damaged elements and replace them with new ones.

The fact is that rarely will your roof have a large amount of damaged tiles, since this only happens in places that have been too windy or suffered some natural tragedy. However, if this happens, our tip is to invest in a new roof and start building from scratch.

For this, you will need to choose quality materials – don’t worry, we will talk more about them in the next topics! – and use a good sealing system to prevent rainwater from entering. And more: if your region suffers from strong winds, the safest and most economical thing to do is to choose resistant elements, such as fiber-cement tiles.

Timbering problems


Finally, if this is your challenge, you will need to invest in a more precise technique to modify the structure of your roof. Usually, the consequences of poorly supported shingles come from poorly constructed roofs, with low slope and noticeable unevenness.

The ideal way to guarantee a good recovery of the area is to invest in its new construction, using an efficient waterproofing product, quality tiles, and the blanket if necessary. It is worth remembering that this attitude involves a higher initial expense, but offers a higher quality than corrective activities.

This is because you get a better useful life of materials and furniture, besides offering security to your family in living in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. In addition, maintenance costs will be reduced and you will save money in the long run.

Learn how to prevent leaks

So far, you have learned how to identify a leak, its main causes and consequences, as well as what actions to take to correct this problem. But, after all, how can you prevent leaks and avoid all these headaches? We can not deny: the best way to do this is by performing efficient construction.

This implies the use of the right products and materials, care in the application of the tiles, and frequent preventive maintenance – on average, once a year is enough to avoid future inconveniences. To make it easier to understand, we have separated a small step by step for you to follow when building your roof.

Check the project

It is no mystery that the first step is to follow the project, isn’t it? At this point, you should talk to the team of professionals responsible for the planning and execution of the work, clearing up all your doubts about the application of materials and the effectiveness of the roof.

Thus, it is possible to identify the level of inclination of the area, the quality of the tiles and gutters used, the way of using silicones and waterproofing blankets. All this contributes to a long life for your roof, putting your family’s health and safety first.

Investing in the gutter

As mentioned above, the gutters in Riverside are an essential element in any project. Besides ensuring the proper flow of rainwater, avoiding accumulation of liquids, and allowing the reuse of this natural material, it is an excellent way to enhance the usability of roof tiles and protect your slab.

To choose the best one, our tip is to check the region where you live. For example, in coastal cities galvanized gutters are excellent alternatives, as they are more resistant to rust and heavy rainfall. On the other hand, in continental cities, aluminum products are the best options.

Finally, don’t forget to check the quality of your water tank, the destination of the rainwater, and the clogging of the gutter, by performing sanitation every three months. If they are underground, keeping an eye out for possible leaks in the ground is also an excellent way to prevent other types of roof leak.