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Are you planning a roofing renovation, remodel or construction, but don’t know where to start? Roofing is a very important part of any building, as it is responsible for protecting the interior against the weather. In addition, they also provide a unique aesthetic to the property, with several delightful customization possibilities.

Many people find the process of a building site too complicated and, as a result, end up postponing the roof renovation or the construction of the roof. It turns out that the absence of periodic maintenance can subject future problems that end up compromising the entire integrity of the building.

For this reason, we have prepared this guide to clear up any doubts you may have about this process, guiding your decisions so that you can make the best choice for you and your family!

When to reform or build?

To ensure a smooth and quality construction, it is necessary to plan thoroughly, since there are details that can affect the whole process of building or remodeling your roof. That is why winter is considered the best period for this type of work. This is because, being a very dry season, the frequency of rainfall is much less at this time of the year, making the process much faster.

The dry weather is essential to reduce the possibility of accidents that can be caused by the moisture of the roof tiles. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the weather forecast, since rainy periods are very harmful for this type of work.

Another important aspect of winter when renovating or building your roof is the lower temperature. This climate is extremely favorable so that the professionals involved in the work do not spend several hours straight working under a burning sun, making the process as comfortable as possible.

What to consider when choosing the roof for your house?

riverside roofer prepares to start roof renovation

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing the ideal roof for your property. This choice can be difficult, as it involves critical decisions that can impact the entire course of the project. For this reason, we recommend that this type of purchase should be accompanied or advised by experts, making your choice easier.

To clarify your decision, we have separated some points that are usually analyzed during the planning of a construction or roof renovation for you to choose the best roof.


The durability of the tiles is a very important factor during the construction or roof renovation. This is because the better the quality of the material used, the fewer problems you will have with leaks and infiltrations. There are highly resistant materials on the market, such as ecological and translucent tiles.

In the case of the former, it is highly durable, especially when compared to other materials, besides being an impermeable material. This guarantees the product’s efficiency for several years, according to the supplier’s warranty.

The translucent tiles, on the other hand, are very resistant to temperature changes and do not suffer drying out. This makes it a great choice for those who want something durable.


This is an indispensable point, since it involves several factors in your work. To begin with, the weight of the tiles will determine your investment in the roof structure. The reason is – the heavier it is, the more timber will be needed to make up the roof.

Furthermore, the speed of the work can be compromised if you opt for heavier materials. The roofers involved will have to handle the products with greater care to avoid accidents and waste.

Thus, it is important to opt for quality lightweight roof tiles that will facilitate your entire project. Ecological roof tiles weigh only 3.4 kg per square meter. It makes them an extremely economical option for your home. They weigh up to 12 times less than ceramic models and are up to 4 times lighter than fiber cement ones.

Roof inclination

The slope of the roof is determined by the roof tile model chosen for your project. Therefore, it is very important to check with the manufacturer what the indicated values are for the chosen product. This is a very important point.  A simple mistake can compromise the whole structure of your roof. Also, it can increase the incidence of infiltrations and leaks inside the house.

Therefore, when making a project for your roof, try to understand which materials best fit the desired inclination to ensure the success of your work.


Relying on quality tiles for your roof is indispensable to avoid a series of problems in the future. That is why it is important to look for reliable products that provide greater peace of mind about their efficiency.

A bad quality roof tile can be responsible for the appearance of leaks and infiltrations caused by rainfall. It will allow the accumulation of water in the lining of the roof. Furthermore, having a good product is the best solution to reduce the frequency of maintenance on your roof, making it a great way to save money in the process.

Ecological roof tiles are resistant to falling objects because they are more flexible and absorb the impact better than other more rigid tiles on the market. They are extremely resistant to strong winds and windstorms of more than 250 km/h.

They also have a lower water absorption rate. This is the main reason for overloading the roof structure. It enables a property that is always dry and with a more durable structure for your family.

Thermal comfort

As a way of ensuring greater thermal comfort in the internal environments of your home, it is necessary to consider well which tile material you will use during the roof renovation or construction. This choice will directly impact the temperature and, therefore, should be made with great care.

Metal roof tiles, for example, need a coating to stop heat from entering in hot periods and leaving on colder days. The ecological ones, besides being a sustainable option, are ideal for providing great thermal comfort.

They have a low thermal conductivity index, allowing the internal environments not to get too hot or too cold. In addition, they cool down faster during the night, allowing for a more comfortable and cooler rest.