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When renovating a roof, it is very important to choose the material well, since the quality of the roofing is fundamental to ensure the safety of the property. In this sense, an alternative that has stood out a lot is the ecological tile. Have you heard about it?

Before anything else, however, it is necessary to know the right time to provide a roofing reform. A sign that you should always pay attention to is the appearance of leaks. Wind blowing through the roof also indicates the need for roof repair. Remember that these are serious problems that can compromise the structure of the house and, consequently, put the safety of the residents at risk. You can’t wait!

But is it really possible to save money by using ecological tiles during roofing renovation? In this post, we will show that it is as possible as it is likely to spend less by using this type of roofing for the house. Curious to understand how? Then stay tuned!

What is needed for roofing renovation?

Before starting the roofing renovation, it is necessary to review the entire structure and analyze whether the appropriate tiles have been used for your roof. If it is necessary to replace the old model with a more modern one, take the opportunity to look for quality materials, ok?

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Wooden structure

Functioning as the skeleton of the roof, this structure guarantees the support of the tiles, thus protecting the interior of the building. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the quality of this material: Is it resistant enough to withstand the weight of the tiles?

Is this base not facing any unwanted problems, such as the presence of termites, for example?


If the quality of life inside the building is a priority for you, the material of the under-covering should be too. That’s because it can protect the inside of your home from high temperatures, preventing radiation from the roof tiles from transferring heat into the house.

Did you know that a good under-covering can reduce the temperature in rooms by up to 9ÂșC? In addition, the temperature is also retained during cold periods, providing greater thermal comfort to residents, even in winter.

The under-covering is also responsible for preventing debris and soot from entering the building through the roof, helping to maintain internal cleanliness. Another great feature of this product is that some models also offer acoustic insulation, allowing for more restful nights’ sleep.

Gutters, flashings and conductors

Together with the roof tiles, these materials are responsible for the drainage that is indispensable for the proper functioning of a roof.

The gutters, for example, work as great rainwater catchers, guiding the liquid to the vertical conductors which, finally, take it safely to the ground. The ruffles, in turn, are important to prevent infiltrations from occurring between the tiles and the walls of the building. Therefore, if their installation is done improperly, it can end up compromising the product’s efficiency. We offer gutters in Riverside services.


In addition to setting the tone for the aesthetic part of the roof, tiles protect the whole structure that makes up the roof. And did you know that the choice of this material is what will define your expenses with the rest of the items for the work, such as the wood?

This happens mainly because the weight of the tiles directly affects the number of beams that will support them.

Therefore, as a way to save money during the roofing reform process, it is essential to count on a quality product, resistant and above all light, in order to guarantee a quieter and more effective work.

Made of recyclable materials, the ecological tiles do not lose in any aspect in relation to the other models found in the market. They are the ideal solution for those who want a more modern and beautiful look for their home’s roof, besides guaranteeing benefits such as greater comfort and safety for the residents. Stay tuned to understand better!

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What exactly are ecological roof tiles?

The ecological tiles are made from a paper and asphalt recycling process. Because of this, they have a very high impermeability index, besides being flexible. Believe it or not, they are at the same time lighter and more resistant than regular roofing tiles.

Savings in maintenance

Among the many reasons that make ecological roof tiles attractive for roofing reform, we must make one point very clear: the savings that they can bring is not only related to their unit price. In fact, the gains during construction and in future maintenance are strong points of the reform with ecological tiles.

It is a fact: with traditional roofing models, roof maintenance is a constant concern for those who live at home. Colonial ceramic tiles not only break down frequently, but they also need waterproofing; fiber cement tiles do not last long, zinc tiles require extra thermal insulation, and so on. But the picture changes with green roof tiles!

Less wood needed

The issue of roof lumber is an important detail that many people end up not realizing when remodeling. Remember: underneath all the tiles there is a very complex pattern of beams needed to support the structure. In this respect, the heavier the roof, the more wood it must have. And of course, the more wood your roof must use, the more expensive your project will be!

The way out, then, is to use lighter tiles that require less wood, thus cheapening the project. Since the ecological tiles are drastically lighter, they reduce the total cost of both the installation and the roofing renovation.

Resistance guaranteed by good installation

The production from materials derived from asphalt and cellulose fibers makes the resistance of ecological tiles is very high. To take advantage of this resistance in the roof of your house, all that is needed is proper installation! When well assembled, this coverage does not present problems related to temperature variation, for example, a common mishap with fiber cement and ceramic colonial tiles, which can even break in case of thermal shock.

Ecological roof tiles are also malleable, which contributes (and a lot) to their resistance. This flexible composition makes them very light and, at the same time, resistant to strong winds. To give you an idea, their most widespread use includes countries like the United States and Russia, places with more rigorous winters and a less mild climate when compared to Brazil.

Less load on the structure

In addition to the low weight of ecological roof tiles, which helps to alleviate the load on the roof structure, they have another essential feature to minimize the need for repairs on your roof: because they are waterproofed, they absorb much less water than other models, consequently not increasing in weight due to rain. This guarantees that the structure of your roof will not suffer constant damage over time, reducing the frequency of maintenance and helping to save money in the process.

No more problems with leaks

Because of the high resistance and impermeability of the ecological roof tile, you will not have to worry about fissures and cracks in the roof. No more water invading the property through infiltrations and leaks! These silent villains are capable of leaving the house with an unpleasant aspect, besides being able to damage electrical installations, wall cladding, furniture, and appliances over time.

Choose for the medium and long term

Focusing on short-term savings can lead to serious problems. As the saying goes, cheap can be expensive. And don’t doubt it, because it often ends up being expensive! Before making any decisions regarding the roofing reform, think carefully. Treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves, after all, a problem in the tiles or in the execution of the reform can generate other costs.

In rainy regions, the immediate choice for the cheapest roofing option is even more problematic. In this case, it is necessary to buy waterproofing products and hire qualified personnel to apply them practically every year, a task that does not come cheap. Without this effort, you run the risk of not having the aesthetic result that you imagined and also suffer from frequent maintenance. So don’t forget: when it comes to roof remodeling, thinking long-term is saving money.

Did you see how simple it is to save money on roofing reforms by using ecological tiles? Thinking on this side, it is easy to see that sustainability is a very interesting bonus, but practicality and durability are the main advantages of this type of tile, right?


To sum it up. The most important thing when you need a brand new roof is to find a company offering roofing in Riverside, a company you can trust to bring you complete peace of mind!