Gutters in Riverside

Gutters are often overlooked by most homeowners. If you fail to take good care of your gutters in Riverside, you’ll ultimately face a plethora of problems, which can be both costly and serious.

Gutters in Riverside, Southern California

Gutters’ primary job is to divert water away from your home. You are probably aware that heavy rains can wreak havoc on your home, particularly your foundation, doors, siding, and windows. Gutters not only prevent your home’s foundation but also prevent erosion as well as basement flooding. What’s more, properly installed and well-maintained gutters will mitigate paint damage, thwart mildew and mold growth, and prevent the exterior of your home from staining.

gutters in riverside

So, how often should you clean your gutter system?

However, it is imperative to note that it’s not enough to have gutters installed on your home! If you didn’t know, these devices need routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure they work optimally. The main reason why gutters fail to adequately protect your home is because of clogs. Shingle grit, leaves, and other debris can clog your gutters, rendering them unable to divert water from your home. Over time, water can overflow onto your fascia and soffit. Water can collect onto your roof, and pool around your home, and cause all sorts of problems.

A well-functioning and well-maintained gutter system should not only be pitched properly towards your downspouts but should also be free from gaps and holes. You also want to ascertain that your gutters aren’t pulling away from your house. What’s more, a proper gutter system should feature downspouts that are debris-free and set 3-4ft away from the base of your home.

Roofing experts highly recommend that you should have your gutter system professionally inspected, cleaned, and maintained at least twice annually. One notable advantage of leaving the care of your gutters to the pros is that they boast the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to not only identify potential gutter problems but solve those problems early enough before they become bigger and costly issues.

Allowing our proven gutter system Riverside cleaning and maintenance professionals to regularly inspect, clean, and maintain your gutters is the surest way to ensure your gutter system is always able to function optimally. And that your most important investment, your home, remains safe and sound. You should also have your gutters inspected after bad weather hits your local area, such as after major ice or snowstorm, or if it rains heavily. And this is besides scheduled maintenance.

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Types of Gutter Systems

Gutters are available in endless colors, shapes, materials, and prices, implying that you can easily find the perfect gutter system that matches your style and budget. Our company is a leading gutter installation, repair, and maintenance provider doing roofing in Riverside, Los Angeles, and its surroundings. We are here not only to help you choose the right system for your roof but also to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the various types of gutter systems. Below is a detailed description of the most common gutter systems in Riverside.

Types of gutter systems based on shape:

  • K-Style gutters: These are arguably the most popular gutter systems thanks to their appearance and gorgeous design. Because of their flat bottoms and straight, outwardly-angled sides, K-Style gutters can carry more water compared to their half-round gutter counterparts. Therefore, they are suited to rainy climates. However, they are somewhat more difficult to clean.
  • Victorian ogee: Commonly referred to as Old Gothic, Victorian ogee gutters boast a highly decorative profile that will certainly boost the overall appearance of your home. They are best suited for more conventional homes that are period or Victorian homes and fairly shallow, implying that they are ideal for smaller homes.
  • Fascia gutters: Just as the name suggests, these are versatile gutters that perform a dual function by acting like both a fascia board and a gutter. Fascia gutters are a great option for homeowners who don’t have fascia already installed on their houses.
  • Half-round gutters: These are traditional-looking gutters that are shaped like lengths of pipe cut into half and feature a uniform profile with somewhat smooth curves that help enhance the flow of water off your roof to the downpipe. Half-round gutters are available in a range of materials. Therefore, it’s easier for homeowners to find the perfect match to complement the style of their home and add lots of curb appeal.
  • European gutters: These are simply a special type of half-round gutters that feature the bead on the outside of the gutter. Roofing contractors attach European gutters to your home using a visible half-round hanger. They are revered for their aesthetically looking design and will significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. European gutters feature fairly stronger and more durable materials that can stand up to extreme weather.

Types of gutter systems based on material:

  • Aluminum: This is by far the most popular type of gutter material thanks to its lightweight design and easy handling. What’s more, aluminum is resistant to corrosion and is also available in endless color themes.
  • Copper: Not as durable as their aluminum gutter counterparts. But, having copper gutters means you’ll never have to worry about mold or mildew thriving on them. However, they can be quite expensive to install and also have a fairly shorter lifespan.
  • Galvanized steel: These ones feature a thin layer of zinc to offer protection to the steel. While they are robust, they are quite difficult to install and also require routine maintenance.
  • Zinc: Zinc gutter systems are by far the most durable, lasting almost as twice much as aluminum.  They make a fantastic option for those looking to stay in their homes for extended periods.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl gutter systems are made of robust plastic that protects them against corrosion and unwanted dents. They are ideal for areas that experience heavy storms and are highly lightweight hence easy to work with and install.

Types of gutter systems based on construction:

  • Sectional: Sectional gutters are those that have been pieced together from the varied length of gutters and trimmed down to perfectly fit on your home. And while they are very easy to install, they can be prone to leaks, especially when installed by the inexperienced.
  • Seamless: These are usually crafted from just a single piece of material and feature joints in corners and at downspouts. They are durable and sturdy. However, they are fairly more expensive and also require professional installation. You can choose from a variety of color options, so you can be sure to find the most attractive system that suits your home.

Types of gutter systems based on size:

  • 5-inch: 5-inch gutter systems are more common in the K-Style gutter systems. And for most homes, five-inch gutters will just be large enough to handle the amount of water coming off the roof. However, if you reside in an area prone to heavy rains, you’ll want relatively wider downspouts to be installed together with your 5-inch gutters.
  • 6-inch: These are commonly found in half-round gutters. Your roofing contractor will first have to examine the maximum intensity of your rainfall, your roof’s pitch as well as the drainage square footage. After that, he can start installing this type of gutter. After all, you don’t want to have a huge gutter system without a reason, as it can impact the looks of your home.

Types of gutter systems based on guards:

  • Screens: It is worth noting that guards prevent debris from clogging your gutters, somehow keeping you from constantly having to clean them. Screens are arguably the most common gutter guards and are available in numerous materials and sizes. They are efficient at preventing larger materials such as leaves. Screens are easy to install and you can either drop them underneath your shingles or in your gutter system.
  • Fine mesh: They are strikingly similar to screen guards but are fairly more efficient at keeping out even smaller debris. Our roofing professionals recommend having mesh guards made from stainless steel for enhanced durability and efficiency.
  • Surface tension: Just as the name suggests, these guards use surface tension to allow water to drip into your gutters while warding off debris from your home. While they are not the most attractive, they get the job done pretty well, in even heavy storms.
  • Foam wedges: These have a triangular design and have the added advantage of preventing mosquitos from breeding in any standing water in your gutter system. They are easy to install, a prospect that makes them a popular home improvement project for most homeowners

Popular gutter styles in Riverside, Los Angeles, Southern California

K-Style gutters are arguably the most popular in California perhaps because they hold a large amount of water and are equally available in a variety of materials. Half-round systems are also fairly popular because of their self-cleaning ability and can also carry a lot of water. They are also highly versatile and can work well with virtually any architectural style. And in terms of material, aluminum gutters are fairly popular because of their lightweight design and easy installation.

Gutter installation and repair

How long do gutters in Riverside last?

Aluminum and stainless steel gutter systems will serve you for at least two decades. With proper care, copper gutters can last for fifty years. Of course, these are expected lifespans and you should always replace your gutter system whenever it exhibits signs of damage or wear.

Steps of gutter installation:

  • Remove old gutter system: First and foremost, we will have to remove your old gutter system. This is usually a straightforward task because of the caliber of equipment and tools we use.
  • Measure the eaves: Of course, we have to understand your home’s gutter needs by measuring the eaves. Then we will determine the location of your downspouts, the size of your downspouts, the slope of your gutters. Also, we will need to assess the need for roof hanger mounting straps, especially if you don’t have fascia boards. And once we know your home’s gutter requirements, we expertly prepare an efficient gutter system on-site to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Install new gutter system: On most occasions, we attach your gutter system to the fascia boards of your home. And these hangers feature durable and strong material designed to withstand both the weather and weight of everything your gutter brings into it without breaking off your home. We also ensure they have the right slope.
  • Install downspouts: The last step we take is installing the downspouts. We first attach them to the outlets attached to your gutters. After that, we secure downspouts to your house using high-quality brackets, so they stay in position.
  • Cleanup: Of course, we won’t leave your home occupied with unwanted litter. This is why we conduct a cleaning process to ensure your home is as clean and sparkling as ever!

Gutters in Riverside

Our roofing company is a leading gutters installation, repair, and maintenance provider in Riverside, Los Angeles, and its surroundings. We are your best bet toward having an efficient and highly durable gutter system. We not only boast the needed expertise and skillset but also use the latest materials and equipment to design and install gutters in Riverside. Contact us today for a seamless and affordable gutter installation project.